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My love affair with photography started at a young age. My camera roll would always be filled with photographs of loved ones. That was when I realized how powerful photography can be; that with a click of the shutter button, I can freeze a moment and enjoy it for the rest of my life.

I also looked at photography as an extension of my creative self and an ability to express a thousand words through a single picture. My commitment to the craft grew even more at the birth of my first child. That eventful day made me realize the value of each moment and how we always make the most out of the life we have. Since then, I’ve explored my passion, honed my skills, and became a professional photographer.

Today, my services include engagement photoshoots, portrait, graduation, family, wedding, and newborn photography.
Serving Lake County and surrounding areas.



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It’s time to walk down the aisle. And for the happiest day of your life, let us capture every moment with high-resolution pictures. We will capture your love, your passion, your humor, your unique style, and everything in between, in the highest quality prints that you will love to look upon and cherish for the rest of your lives together. 

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It is a very special night. You are about to make someone very happy. Let us immortalize it in film. With a photo of the event, your proposal will last forever. We will snap the bending to one knee, the taking of your partner’s hand, the speech, and of course, the joyful “YES.” Let us help you remember every detail.

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You want a family photo or several, but you don’t want the usual, stuffy photo. You want something clever, special, and unique. We can take your family photo wherever you want. At the beach, at the pier, anywhere. This is your family. Let your high-resolution photo also show your sense of uniqueness. You will smile every time you see them.

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For photography, we go above and beyond to get the picture not only right but perfect. And for baby photography, this is especially important. We use a high-speed shutter response to capture your little one at play, at rest, and exploring the wonder of new things. We also do portraits of kids, adults, and even your pets if you desire.

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You just enjoy your day!

If you want to be sure I'm the wedding photographer who will extraordinarily tell your wedding story, here's a checklist to run through: Would you rather spend one of the most important days in your life making incredible memories than taking posed photos for your photographer?

Would you like to feel like YOU during the wedding day? Maybe you have always dreamed of having a pink ice cream truck full of the flavors for your guests? Or you want to have one thousand origami cranes? Will it be okay if I visit the dessert table a few times during the reception to make the perfect wedding photography?

If your answers were "yes", then I'm the photographer of your dreams. The day of the wedding is a unique event, which you wish to remember for a lifetime, I will quietly document the moments of your happiness. If you're ready to chat, give me a call or send a message. Tell me all about your dreamed wedding vision and I will keep your memories.

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