You have a big event coming up. It could be an engagement and a wedding, a baby’s birth, or graduation—a family reunion, perhaps. Whatever your special milestone is, you will need a particular photographer to record that event so that you have beautiful memories forever. The first thing to do is find a professional photographer specializing in the kind of event you are hosting. A nature photographer is maybe not the best choice for a newborn photoshoot! 

Find a style

Just like a visual artist, a professional photographer has a style. It could be classic, formal, or casual. Looking for a photojournalistic feel with sharp and high contrast shots, or black and white photos? Look at various photographer’s websites and find a style that speaks to you. The crispness of images, thoughtful compositions, good lighting, and an ability to capture people’s emotions are what you should be looking for.

Know your photographer

Check their background and references. Meet up with your potential photographer and discuss your ideas and see if they are a match. It is essential to like your photographer and to establish a rapport with him or her. Photographs aren’t things you can hear, smell, taste. So carefully research their professional skills, artistic style, and dependability. Browsing through websites, blogs, and past client feedback can give you a good idea of the person’s professionalism, personality, and commitment. 

Be open with your budget

Before interviewing a photographer, make sure your budget is within their price range. Many factors, such as travel, all affect the final price. Find out what is included in the basic package and what are extra charges. How many hours will they be at your event, how many photos will they deliver? Know what you want.

If you need a wedding photographer, portrait photographer or newborn photographer, contact Teresa Garelli Photography today!


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